Nissan is one of Japan’s biggest auto maker and is considered to be one of the bestselling car brands worldwide. Nissan has put an edge to the car industry in many ways. An example is Nissan’s invention on the “crossover” SUV which is half way between a hatchback and a 4x4. A smaller version was produced and was called Juke Crossover. It became a hit and became one of the bestsellers in the industry. Viber is great communicating tool to contact customer service.The prices of Nissan cars are competitive and affordable. Most of the models are desirable and their value were kept well.

Nissan is in continuous quest to produce the best and improve efficiency in order to deliver vehicles with highly innovative technology. For over 80 years, Nissan company has created successful products with world class standards and sets the future in the automotive industry.

One of Nissan’s proud innovation is the Nissan ProPilot Assist that is a hands-on driving assistant. It reduces driving hassles and stress. With this kind of driving intelligence, it enhances the driving experience.

The Nissan ProPilot makes way to the next level autonomous driving. It promises ease of use. The Nissan ProPilot handles almost everything for the driver. It is a drive technology designed for the highway use with a single lane traffic.  The steering control keeps the car in the middle of the lane This also promises precise steering for natural performance.

A vehicle with ProPilot is equipped with a mono camera to obtain information and be able to control the brakes, steering and accelerator.

The ProPilot park assists the driver to park his vehicle in steps with the control of the parking brake, steering, accelerator and gear shift. This intelligently recognizes any type of parking space and guides the car to park. With just a press of a button, the car will detect the parking space type and notify the driver about the parking space. After such, the ProPilot will take care of the rest.

Nissan has also come up with an intelligent key system that enables drivers to lock and unlock by just pressing a button. One can start the engine or open the trunk without inserting a key. The intelligent key system has a lockout. it also detects if the key is still inside the car and alerts the driver. Check out coupon for great deals on auto parts and accessories.

Nissan is always a leader in developing technology for easy driving without sacrificing safety and convenience. Etihad airways promo code can be obtained online. Nissan’s brain to vehicle technology is making waves in the industry today. It lets the driver control his car using his own thoughts. This is made possible allowing the car to interpret signals from the brain of the driver. Nissan believes that through this system, this can greatly improve the driver-assistance system.