Introducing The Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf is the world’s best-selling electric car. Experience a whole new experience in driving with the feel of instant acceleration and braking. It has the most advanced features with the Nissan Intelligent Mobility with the use of the pedal. It offers Pro Pilot Assist and Automatic Emergency Braking when you need it the most. The safest car ever produced with zero emissions and 100% instant torque. Nissan has collaborated with UK’s best design Studio Hardie to be able to transform the zero emission for its Nissan Intelligent Mobility. The LEAF brings the cleanest and the most quiet power electric vehicle in the world.

It has e-Pedal that is easy with the use of one pedal. Just press down to accelerate and lift off the pedal to stop instantly.

The Nissan LEAF was first introduced in Japan and in the United States way back 2010 and in Canada and Europe in 2011. And from there Nissan has sold over 300,000 units worldwide being the United States as the biggest Nissan LEAF market with over 114,000 units sold. Japan has over 72,000 units sold and in Europe with over 68,000 units sold.


With no tailpipe emission, the Nissan LEAF has won numerous awards like the Green Car Vision Award 2010 and European Car of the Year in 2011. Many car rental cars coupon & discounts are to be found online to avail promos.

The Nissan LEAF is very appealing for it is familiar to a five door hatchback design with V-shaped frontal style with up slanting LED headlights which consumes lesser electricity as compared to halogen lights. On a single charge, the Nissan can take you for over 200 miles with a 40-kWh battery. After 10 years, its battery is expected to retain about 80% capacity. Battery replacement program is readily available for consumers and owners can buy new ones at a discount. One can save with viber recharge online.

It also features a forward- collision warning and an automatic emergency brake. The price for each may range from $30,000 to $36,200 which is quite reasonable. Visit vedia gutschein for promos and codes. You can check online for further information. Owner satisfaction is guaranteed.